Many wellness companies and health care providers offer simplified template solutions comprised of products and services that are unlikely to achieve large scale impact on health. And all too often organizations assign the responsibility of implementing an effective wellness initiative to their benefits administrator, human resources leader or internal “wellness champion”. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned individuals can become overwhelmed by the daunting task of creating a  culture of health.

We support these organizations by working as an extension of their human resources and leadership teams in developing a customized strategy that includes the identification and procurement of the most cost-effective and essential resources in order to build and maintain a self-owned wellness initiative that is highly impactful, and sustainable.



Wellness Audit and Assessment
Using a variety of resources and tools, we help our client companies assess the extent to which evidence-based interventions are being implemented and identify gaps in available health promotion initiatives. We then make recommendations that prioritize high-impact strategies that are relevant, feasible, and consistent with the organization’s budget and needs…. More Info
Health and Fitness Education
Our team works closely with a host of professional organizations and academic programs which range from hosting educational seminars and workshops to helping create curriculum.

Our instructors deliver learning opportunities based on sound theories that provide individuals, groups, and communities the opportunity to acquire information and skills needed to make quality decisions about their health and fitness …. More Info

Fitness Solutions
Just as athletes work proactively to remain healthy and injury-free, we believe it’s critical to keep workers safe and injury free. Keeping employees functioning optimally and keeping them “in the game” empowers them to fulfill their obligations to their dependents and their employer. …. More Info